Picking the right platform is the first (and probably the most exciting) part of your Virtual Event journey. From a full digital conference simulation to a purpose-built studio set, having the chance to build a bespoke Virtual Event is where the fun begins. We’ve currently got three different options and we’re sure that we’ll have something to suit you!


When it comes to choosing the platform for your Virtual Event with us, there are three key things to think about; your budget, your audience, and what you want to achieve.

No matter what your budget, whether you’re talking to internal colleagues or encouraging some networking or you want to host a Director’s update to the whole business, we’re sure that we’ll have something that would suit you.


If you’re wanting a full-blown conference without the cost of the venue hire then this is the platform for you.

We can create a digital conference simulation that can take you to the likes of the N.E.C or the ACC from the comfort of the delegate’s office (or home office should we say). Your delegates will watch the main presentations then head to different exhibition stalls to take a look around, perfect for networking with suppliers or for internal colleagues to learn a bit more about your business.

This virtual simulation will feel like the delegates are at your all singing all dancing conference when they can’t be there in person.


Perfect for attendee interaction, we bring together a multitude of networks on one platform that allows your attendees to network with each other.

During registration, delegates have the chance to create a profile that will help them network with other delegates. During the Virtual Event, they’ll be able to search for others and start 121 meetings and chat directly with others, think LinkedIn but live!

Have you got delegates that are launching new products? Great! They can connect with others and talk about potential new deals that could drive both businesses forward.


By far our most popular option is our in-house studio option where we can truly have the most fun with not just your event but with your attendees too!

This really is your lights, camera, action moment as we create a pop-up studio at your office or at First Event HQ.

We can bring all the props to make this as fun and immersive as possible including a green screen that could transport you to exotic locations, even when you can’t physically go there at the moment! We can make this 100% virtual too, the possibilities are endless.

Our Virtual team can talk all of this through with you so feel free to get in contact with us, so what are you waiting for?



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